What happens if your service goes down?

Although we're doing our best to avoid this trouble, we setup our service in a way that if it does happen, your pages will always render your last content. Behind the scene, we use Cloudflare CDN to serve your content. The other benefit is that we serve it from the nearest location close to your server.

How do I add new pages in your editor?

You can't because we're not a typical Content Management System like LocomotiveCMS, Refinery or even Wordpress. We just offer the best way possible to edit specific content in pages managed by your Ruby on Rails application. That said, you can use a gem like HighVoltage to manage your pages.

How do I use your service without Heroku?

For now, we only target Heroku users. However, we plan to open our service to applications hosted anywhere. If you really want to use our editor and your application is not on Heroku, contact us, we'll figure out something.

What happens if I stop using our service?

At any time and thanks to our RESTful API, you can retrieve the content you added/modified through our editor.