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Making pages editable inside a Rails app is a real pain.

Don't build another CMS just to edit a carousel. We've been through this a billion times. We tried everything. We coded our own CMS back-office but at some point it became a nightmare to maintain. We also installed huge CMS stacks but it was like killing a fly with a bazooka.

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Easy to install, fun to use

<div id="intro">
    <!-- The title is now editable -->
    <%= boxcab_content :title, type: :string do %>
      Whoa, what a landing page!
    <% end %>

  <!-- The following image is also editable -->
  <img src="<%= boxcab_content :screenshot, type: :image %>" />

Integrate with ease

So easy that even your intern can do it. Open your page view and use our single tag to mark your content as editable. Rails 3, 4 or 5 with HAML, SLIM or ERB, we've got you covered.

Edit and preview your changes instantaneously

No more obscure, unfriendly and un-sexy back-office UI to edit the content of your page. Also, no need to open another tab in your browser to see how your changes will look like.


Here are some of our other features

Keep your database and codebase clean

Have you ever felt bad when you had to create that SQL table just to store the data of your carousel? We're pretty sure you have! Don't worry, it's over now.

Sleep tight

Your content is safe with us. We backup your content and assets every day and our platform is constantly monitored. Yes we know, that's a default requirement for any online service but just to let you know that our editor is protected by SSL.

Bring your content anywhere

In other words, we provide a RESTful API so that you can embed your content in the shiny new iPhone app you're building. Isn't it neat?

Enjoy automatic updates

We've got this huge list of super cool new features and enhancements. Believe us, you will love them. The good part is that you won't have to restart your application to take benefits from them.

Our service is available on Heroku as an add-on. If you're not on Heroku, please contact us.

Simple pricing, affordable for all


1 site

1 page

Heroku collaborators

No email support

$ 4.99 per month

1 site

Unlimited pages

Heroku collaborators

Email support


1 site

Unlimited pages

Heroku and external collaborators

White label

Email/Skype/Slack support


Unlimited sites

"On-premise" (run it on your own servers)

Custom features

All paid plans come with full support. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime.